Monday, June 16, 2008

Creative Framing

Sylvia Hill of Forrest City has framed pictures for me for many years. She has her own little shop beside her house and its name fits perfectly - Creative Framing - she does excellent work - I have never had anything that wasn't centered, matted, framed even a little bit off-kilter. She is retired now and is busy with grandchildren, as well as framing for one of the hospitals in Memphis. It had been quite a while since Sylvia had done something for me, so it was good seeing her again.

My sister Sher painted these ocean scenes some years ago and she made 5" X 7" prints for me. (Mama had the same prints, but larger, I think 8" X 10". Sher gave them to Melanie.) When she gave me the prints they were in dark, heavy frames and I just left them framed that way for years. When Sher was here Memorial Day I said something about having them reframed and so I did.

I picked up the newly framed pictures today.

Thank you Sher, and Sylvia! The prints and framing are perfect!

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