Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day - Weekend

Girls' (March - me; April - Jean; May - Charlene, in the order below) birthday breakfast at Carol's Saturday morning. It was so nice - we have had 30-minute breakfasts at Colby's on our way to work and errands, so a 2-hour birthday party was great!
The lovely tiara has been passed among us for many years.

Carol and Charlene look entirely too serious! Carol's birthday is in September. For a few months we're the same age. I'm the "baby," then Carol, Charlene, Jean (the "Mature Duchess"). (Teri was between Charlene and Jean.)

Richard was in Wynne for a while Saturday and I stopped by to see him at his house. He had brought back two baking dishes and some silverware and I took them, thinking Steve or Benjamin could use at least the silverware. I found a place for the Corningware, of course.

Later in the afternoon when Sher was there, she, Paul and I ate at Colby's and afterward went by the house to see Tara and Emmy. Tara S and John were there also, finishing up this day's work trying to get things sorted and packed. Tara had a sweet post on her blog about the weekend:

Sher arrived at our house around noon Saturday, with Bailey, her newly adopted spaniel. Oscar had a little come-apart with another dog in the house, but got over it and behaved pretty well for a small dog with a giant ego. They had another go-around Sunday afternoon, but it was soon over. All about Oscar's food dish. I could even hand-feed them at the same time and no problem, but if O's dish was down it was guard-time. No problem if only Bailey's dish was out. I started to make a picture of Amy and Oscar on Sunday since they seemed to be doing well together this time, and blast if he didn't nip her on the finger! Sorry, honey! Amy left around 4:00 or so and Paul, Sher and I went to church at 6:00. We stayed up till midnight then, talking, writing, drawing and being our usual silly selves.

Paul, Sher and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie Saturday night. It was good, but not as good as "Raiders," or the third one (with Sean Connery).

Sher left Monday morning about 8:00 after breakfast and I got busy rearranging the 15,000 books I have and did cull some of them. Not really 15,000, but a lot. There are 3 stacks to donate somewhere.

Paul put our flag out in honor of Memorial Day. Lest we forget. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for us to enjoy fun and silly birthdays, walking our dogs on quiet streets, reading books we like, and visiting family. We are very blessed.

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