Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hit the Ground Running...

Tuesday after a holiday off - very stiff from going through books! But I took a couple of Advil and by the time I got to work and had gone to Wal-Mart around 8:30 (for directors' snacks), I was able to keep going. I guess I worked out the kinks, which is what I do, usually. Sometimes the kinks are a little tighter than others, but they would only be worse if I gave in to them!

I saw Beck at W-M. Her dad had driven her there and was waiting for her to pick up a few things in her cart. The collar she has to wear goes about halfway up her head in back, very much stabilizes her head, and of course is all around her neck, thus "collar" and keeps her head from moving at all. She said she got hot this morning when she let Scooter out in the yard, had to go in, take the collar of (hers!) so she could breathe! Her surgery was 2 weeks ago yesterday. I really miss her at work and will be glad when she gets back. I'm glad I know her job even though it has been years since I've done it - it's still familiar to me. The only thing I totally do not want to have to do is plane reservations!

We got a postcard from Kirk Owens in Richmond, VA, where he is in training at the IMB (International Mission Board) preparing to go to a foreign mission field for 2 years. He's such a nice young man and I really want us to stay in touch with him. I put his postcard where we'll see it and remember to pray for him. I'll ask Lynn for his email address.

It rained today off and on and rained on Paul walking Oscar this evening. They were pretty wet by the time they made it back to the house. I was just on my way to pick them up in my truck - but I didn't know which way they headed out! When I got to the door, here they came - they were high-stepping it back to the house. Later, I took Oscar on a short walk for him to do his business.

I took Neall his meatloaf this evening. Solomon was asleep so I didn't get to see him. He and Becca have had new flooring put down in the laundry room, kitchen, dining and living rooms (I don't know how far into the rest of the house if any) - it's very striking - black bamboo. It looks like wood planks, but with a slight ripple in the "boards." I guess it's made into boards, panels, sections, like regular wood. Very pretty and unusual.

Sher is getting her patio extended four feet (width) while the workers are putting in her circular drive, also having it lengthened to the back door should she ever put in French doors off her dining room. She'll still have her embankment with all her flowers, ivy, the steps to the upper yard. She also had a security system put in last week. Things to add value to her house should she want to sell it.

My follow-up CT scan (chest) is tomorrow morning. I haven't worried about this, will just be glad that it's done and hopefully the nodule in the right lung has not increased in size. Something has aggravated my esophagus and I started taking the reflux med again. I've been coughing more lately - maybe just allergies. The Advair had worked for so long - it seems once I was over the sinus infection, I started coughing again, even with Advair. So I'll see if the Prevacid is effective. I had not taken it for several weeks. A regular guinea pig...

I've backed up pictures through "Emmy" this evening. I only have 5.5 more "columns" of picture files to back up on disks. It would be easier to just get another external hard drive, but not as cheap!

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