Friday, May 30, 2008

Week Two

I made it through this week and a busy one it was. Today is quieter, thank goodness. Yesterday I was back and forth between offices, finishing payroll entries, finishing the Enlightener newsletter, posting the PA sheets to their various places, calling references for a potential employee.

The billing office had good, sturdy empty boxes from the bill printing and month's end and I thought Tara could use them. Paul and I took the ten large and five smaller ones by the house and left them inside, and met Neall and Becca as we were leaving. Tara said she would probably try to finish up this weekend and has a sale planned for June 14.

Paul and I ate fish at the Tech Center last night. It's part of Farm Fest activities. We saw Joy, Julia and the Grands, Dick and Jean. Julia let me and Paul hold her and his deep voice almost alarmed her - she gave him a little pouty look, but didn't cry. Joy said she is getting much better at letting someone besides her and John hold her. She's such a pretty baby! She was six months old yesterday. Joy took pictures of us and here she is with the mayor.
Amy and I talked a long time, me sitting on the patio - it was cool enough to be outdoors. She learned a new technique yesterday which will be very helpful and make that part of the embalming process less physically strenuous for her. It is always with respect that we speak of this, but at the same time, it does still seem a little strange to be talking about her "day's work" as if it were someone working in an office. It is her work and that's what we talk about, just as anyone would talk about typing a letter, flying a plane, or branding cattle.

I pulled vines from the azaleas beside the garage and got a little too carried away. When I got up (from bending over, pulling) I could not get a deep breath! I made myself be calm, went back to the patio, sat down and breathed as normally as I could till I got my breath back. So, what part of that was stress, reflux, caffeine, blood pressure and/or bp med? I told Paul and he said leave the vines alone. So I will.

Tomorrow there is a wedding shower I should attend for a little while. I stopped yesterday evening and got a gift to be sent along with others bought there. Other than that and church, possibly a short trip to the grocery store, I plan to do nothing. Unless. Unless Tara calls and needs some help at The House.

Dr. Sifford's office called and my CT scan was unchanged - except for 1 mm, which the nurse said is like a hair and said he felt it was due to measurement techniques. I have to follow up in 6 months with another one. I explained about the reaction to the dye and she said there is pre-med you can have beforehand to prevent that! Or possibly I won't have to have with the contrast. It was wonderful news, to say the least, and I thank God for the great report!

On a lighter note, here are some little Madame Alexander dolls Amy got for me from Etsy. They traveled all the way from Brooklyn, NY. I think my favorite is the one in the yellow slicker and "duck-billed" rainhat! Cruella (beside the boy doll) is not one she got, nor the small little princess. (Why would anyone make Mme Alexander into a Cruella Deville character when Mme A is so sweet? Marketing.. She doesn't look Deville-ish - you can't make a Mme A look mean.)

This little lady is one I got in Alabama on a weekend trip that Sher, Mama and I took I think in 1997. We came across a doll shop in a little town, stopped and looked. The kind lady let me put this little bride doll on layaway. I paid a good bit for her; she is "vintage" - from about 1957 or so. It was mostly sentimental; I had two beautiful little Mme Alexander dolls when I was little and they were destroyed in the house fire. So "Bridey" reminded me of them - her size (about 8" tall), the sweet little face, jointed arms and legs.

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