Monday, April 14, 2008

The Weekend

Saturday morning I ran over to Richard's to see Tara and Emmy for a few minutes. They were knee-deep in trying to discard things. Later I'll get the baker's rack that held so many of Teri's little frogs and cook books. I did get a plate with apples painted on it and a card Tara showed me that I'd given Teri for Mother's Day years ago - it was "vintage" I could tell because of the style. I got to hold Emmy and distract her a little bit looking for birds outside while Tara went from cards to old dresses of Teri's mother, Miss Ruth. What to keep, what to take to Salvation Army. It's a hard, hard job. I know.

Around 10:00 Paul and I went to Jonesboro. I shopped and he went to look at Lowe's and other places for MSMA for the yard and no one had any. At Dillard's I tried on so many things and finally ended up with two pairs of pants and a top. As we were going to the truck, walking through the mall, I saw Ann Taylor Loft and decided to stop there. I told the sales clerk that I needed help! "You've come to the right place," she assured me. I got two empire tops and a camisole. I would never have thought to try on empires, but they looked fine, have 3/4 sleeves. Cami a definite necessity.

An hour and a few items later, with her gracious fetching different styles and sizes, I had some more pants and tops. And she had a coupon she applied for 25% off all of it! So I got the second pair of pants "free." (Her name is Gina and she was a great help!)

I stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way out to the truck; Paul had taken my Dillard's things with him before I went to ATL. I got Bren the C-P-S Studios magazine special edition; called and told her I had it for her. She was painting handmade "whirly birds" that her father-in-law had made many years ago. Andrew answered the phone when I called, her middle grandson. Very sweet grands.

By this time it was about 2:30 and we were famished! Paul and I ate at Chili's: he had his nearly-always usual chicken pasta and I tried the fajita explosion, which was very good. He had some of that, and I had a few of the pasta noodles off his plate.

After lunch we stopped at Sam's and our membership card was current; I had renewed online and we had not been in probably a year or so and I wasn't sure if it was still activated. We started out with no cart, ended up with a cart and maybe 7 or 8 items. We bought a box of Quaker individual oatmeal, Nature Valley granola bars, some croissants for lunch, a 4-pack of deoderant for Paul, some extra sharp Land o' Lakes cheese, a large container of All perfume- and dye-free laundry detergent, and a bag of On the Border tortilla chips. (Hay's doesn't have these and I've only seen them at Amy's store she goes to.) We ran into Shelby and Jimmy and she said Lisa and David were there. Glad Lisa felt like getting out. (Shelby's daughter is having chemo treatments for breast cancer.)

Our church services Sunday and Sunday School were so good. Then after a lunch of Frito chili "pie" Paul and I napped. I had intended to make beans in the Crock Pot, but there were No Dry Beans in the house! That's almost unheard of - that is a staple! So we made do with the chili and had grilled cheese after church Sunday night. (I'm especially enjoying the Sunday night sermons on Joseph and his brothers... they meant to harm him, but "God used it for good.")

We were sorry to hear that Amy's little cat Embry ran away. Amy called Saturday and said she had last seen Embry she thought Friday morning. The wind had sprung her back storm door and the inside door is hard to fasten at times and she thinks Embry got curious and nudged herself out into the big world. We can hope that a compassionate person found her and is taking care of her, or that she'll turn up after her big adventure. Amy is heartbroken. She's had Embry for 8 years.

I also talked to Mama Nick Saturday and she had gone to the dentist last Wednesday and had a tooth pulled. She was just amazed that it cost $95 to just pull a tooth and "no complications." She isn't sure if she'll go back for more dental work. I think that takes a lot out of her, as did the fall she had 3 weeks ago. Dental work is hard on anyone who isn't 89 years old!

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