Friday, April 11, 2008

Tarsal Tunnel???

The orthopedist said that may be what is causing my right arch to itch sporadically, as if a nerve is shorting out in my foot. And, no, it probably isn't my shoes. And my knee isn't causing it, but it could be causing my knee to hurt, giving over to it somehow. All the x-rays they took yesterday were excellent - no arthritis or anything. So to rule out tarsal tunnel ankle, I am scheduled to have a nerve conduction study done next week. They will do both lower extremities, because the left foot has started acting in strange ways just like the right one did about 8 or 10 weeks ago.

Now I learned to type around 44 years ago and I have never had carpal tunnel. And, no, I didn't learn to type with my feet also - but who knows where TT ankles come from? What causes that? I haven't been on WebMD because I really don't want to know. I really don't want to start reading about TT surgery and nerve conduction studies. I think it's pretty safe to say I do have nerves in my legs, ankles and feet since they hurt so much. I suppose they have to do these tests to see just how the nerves conduct themselves, whatever that means. Oh, I kind of do. I had one years ago when I had a bulging disk and it affected my leg. Bren's had them for her neuropathy. They use electrodes and see how your nerves react to different levels of stimuli.
Sounds like a fun day.

I Met Another Real Author

Jean and I went to the library last night to hear Gayden Metcalfe talk about the books she has written: Being Dead is No Excuse and Somebody is Going to Die If Lilly Beth Doesn't Catch That Bouquet. She was very funny all the while being the epitome of the Real Southern Lady. She reminded me a lot of Aunt Ginny in her Mississippi dialect, and at one point sounded very much like Weezie in Steel Magnolias. There is just something about a true Southern dialect. I don't have it. I had a country-girl dialect, and Arkansas sort of changed that. Only three hours from the northern part of Mississippi, Arkansas Deltans have a totally different way of talking.

There was a good audience at her talk and a nice reception afterward, with refreshments made from recipes in her first book (food people take to the bereaved). She signed both books I already had, and I asked if Jean could make a picture of us together. I told her I was from Iuka. She graciously agree. (Well, she actually agreed anyway, but the Mississippi girls have to stick together!)

Her next book, she said, was titled Southern Mothers and Their Daughters, but she changed it to Southern Martyrs and Their Daughters. If she was kidding, she need not have been...

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