Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All About the Food

Amy was at our house early this morning on her way to Little Rock to take her legal exam. (It's near the Capitol; will take about one and a half hours.) I didn't hear her come in - Oscar was not having conniptions or barking and seemed genuinely happy to see her. Paul was going with her to drive, to keep her company and just have time to visit and - most importantly - because she asked him to!

I got the usual bowl of food for Oscar and the minute I started to put it in his dish, he started yelping and acting crazy around Amy's ankles. The food - all about the food! He couldn't stand the thought of her even being near it. I keep telling him no one wants his dog food, but he just doesn't listen. I withheld the food until she and Paul left and Oscar was fine. He followed her through the house like a friendly little puppy.

Amy brought one of her flyers for her lost kitty - it was sad to see Embry all safe and cozy in the chair and know that she is somewhere out there in the huge world. I hope her curiosity about life beyond that back door hasn't got the best of her. Hopefully, someone has found her and is taking care of her, or will see the flyer and call Amy.

Later when I brought Tina to the house, Oscar immediately started eating his food. I really don't think Tina wants it either. But will he listen?

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