Thursday, April 03, 2008


Early this week Renee Vaughn sent an email requesting information about twins in Tishomingo County. (When I got the list, there were over two dozen sets listed. I don't know what time-frame was included, living, recent past, deceased...)
We had twins on Goobie's side: her uncles, Paul and Paulus Hubbard, born in 1886 and both died in 1933, a few months apart, and only 47 years old. I listed them in the Burnsville list, but am not sure if that was their home town. The lady who sent me all the Hubbard information (Mildred Aday) was from Burnsville and she had Hubbards in her family. I printed out all that information from the disk she sent - over 100 pages - and it is indexed by generation number, so I should do some further reading. This Paul is not to be confused with Goobie's brother Paul Wadkins, who lived at Oldham. Goobie's (Flora Ellen Wadkins Joslin) mother was Ella Nancy Hubbard, sister to these twins. Flora's sister Arie had their mother's name - Nancy. They passed the names around through the generations. I have often wondered why Paulus? Were they identical? Did their mother jus tlike the name Paul? We know about St. Paul. Paulus is a Roman name and also the name of a Dutch painter in the 1600's. Were these brothers so close that they felt each other's pain, and even the pain of death, only four months apart. I wish I had asked more questions.


It has rained every day this week. This morning it was almost pitch-black and a heavy rain ensued. Now that it's over, the sky has lightened up a lot, but still gray outside. Yesterday it was gray inside... Hopefully the sun will be out soon and we can feel warm and cheerful again!
The traffic sprays up a lot of water at the intersection beside the office.
Trip Declined
Martha wrote asking if Paul and I would like to accompany her and Frank on a trip to Hawaii in late October or November. We had already talked about going to the Gulf sometime this summer (hopefully late summer) when Amy can take some time off. It is also a looooong way to Hawaii and not so far to Gulf Shores; it will be less expensive and less stressful. We also can take Oscar with us. All fairly good reasons to stay continental. I would have liked to go to Hawaii and spend time with Martha and Frank, but... I know my physical limits, too.

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