Friday, April 04, 2008

Lots Going On

Brenda emailed me this morning that Rosie had fallen twice, her potassium is very low and she (Bren) was at the ER from about 3 to 8 last night. Rosie is still in the hospital and they're trying to determine the cause of her problems.


"Mary Jane just answered an email and said that when she was monitored earlier this week that the cord was around Eliza's neck; in and out of hospital with monitoring, nothing to do right now, will take her as soon as can; still working. Please pray for them."

Eliza has (will have) two sisters: Lily, age 4 1/2 and Georgia, who will be 2 next month. MJ and Earl and girls live in Meridian.
Paul and Amy plan to have lunch together today. I sent a bag of goodies to her and the book Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein, that I found in the closet. I had intended to give it to her some time ago and it got pushed back and forgotten.

I'm glad it's Friday. I will be very glad when the sun comes out. Yet a rainy day is so good for cleaning out some more, which I hope to get done tomorrow. I always dread it, but when I've found recipients for my excesses, I always feel much better.

Norma and I talked about getting pizza for lunch today. Does Horizon deliver?

When it rains this much I worry about water coming under the patio doors. It never has, but now that Oscar's kennel is in the office/den, I think about that. When I had to get up last night, during all the crashing of thunder, I told him to get in my bed. He tried and stumbled jumping up on the basket at the foot of the bed, and wouldn't try again, (he hardly ever misses jumping up), so I put him there myself. He stayed there the rest of the night. Loud noises don't bother him and I'm thankful he's not a nervous little dog that way. I just felt better having him close. He's very warm and stays very still.

I finished The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig. He is my new favorite writer and reminds me very much of Wallace Stagner. When I read Angle of Repose several years ago, the book just became part of me. The words wrapped themselves around my mind and it is probably the first time I really understood "show, don't tell." I just felt it, knew it, without the obvious being explained, and it was wonderful. Stegner and Doig capture the American West around the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I normally don't like "westerns" per se, but these are not cops and robbers cowboy stories, but evoke a sense of time, place and how the characters feel. Without telling me.

Sher's Spring Flowers

Sher emailed me some pictures she made with her new camera, her dogwoods and azaleas blooming. Last year Mama and I were there when the bloom was almost over. These show the vivid new blossoms and fresh colors. Wonderful! She has 27 dogwood trees. My one that has survived is still in good health, it appears. We've had several and have eventually died. I'm hoping this one continues to grow and is strong enough and in enough shade to make it. When it blooms, I'll show it off, too!

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