Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tishomingo History

My friend Brenda sent me this email about documents they received for the Tishomingo County Historical Society and Museum:

Went by to meet my cousin, Joanne Phifer Horton, who was left Cecil and Gladys Sumners home and estate; Cecil probably did more for Tishomingo county than any other man ever did, he was a senator, a lawyer from the old days, about D's (Bren's dad's) age. She gave our archives all of his old books (he wrote several including Chief Tishomingo) and kept handwritten and typed histories of all sorts of stuff; newspapers in scrapbooks, pix, wonderful records - so I called Jan at the archives and we loaded seven of those large clear plastic boxes up and took to the old courthouse and lots of large portraits and pix. One was a long pix like the Iuka one in our house; but it was a pix of Allen's Gravel Pit near Iuka, MS it said, was near the water and had a train there too, J (Jimmy, her husband) said that Oldham had all of that - the pix was made in 1923. Now, Cecil will have a place to keep his memory alive. Joanne is selling the house too; it is between Cutshall's and the end of the block where Ash intersects with Pearl St (the place you turn to go to Southern Magnolia), named "The Homeplace" built in 1880, the kitchen is yellow and big tall ceilings, wonderful! hope somebody who can really appreciate it will buy it. If I were going to live in town, I would grab it up in an instant!

Just my cup of tea. She (and I!) both wish I could volunteer there to catalog this and I would love to see what all is in there about Oldham, where the Wadkins store was, Great Aunts Clara and Arie, Great Uncle Paul and his family.

Maybe one of these days!

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