Monday, March 31, 2008

It Gets Easier

After I tackled the bookshelves in the den, I started on the closet. A few years ago I took over this closet as storage space for computer supplies: paper, CDs, floppy disks (my computer is probably a dinosaur in that it still has a 3.5" drive) all that stuff that appears is becoming obsolete. Gradually more and more books went in there. So into the closet I went yesterday afternoon. Another 50 or 75 books later I at least had the three-drawer scrapbook paper cabinet on the mostly empty shelf and off the den floor. I bagged up about half a dozen more stacks of books and think I will see if Jean wants to go through them first, then take the rest to the consignment shop. This probably won't be very profitable, but I just don't want to keep up with resale and all that, or eBay. And it did get easier once I had started. There were a few I waffled on and kept, thinking one day I'd read them, and if not, I could have another go at it.

It's all your fault, Cloth-Paper-Scissors! I'm trying to make an 18'X24' studio out of a 2'X2' closet and two bookshelves!

When we cleaned out Mama's closet, I had a plastic bag of her paints and brushes and when I got to this bag at the bottom of my closet, the bag had what appeared to be condensation inside it. I took it to the sink and put paper underneath to catch any leakage, but there was very little, and it was oily. This morning I opened the bag and salvaged everything except one jar of something, evidently what had leaked. I put all those brushes (used and held by her hands) and the tubes of paint (oils but mixable with water - the odor of straight oil was too much for her) all in one little green pottery bowl that she or Sher made. Her things gradually are getting incorporated into all the other supplies I have. That part seems a little easier, too - to use what she had, make it part of what I have - instead of stashing it away and forgetting about it, or letting it leak away or dry up.

Deacon Ordination and Lord's Supper

Last night two men were ordained as deacons in our church: David Taylor and Rex Vines. I don't know David that well, but Rex and Kim have lived in Wynne before and moved back a few years ago. He and Kim have two sons, almost the same age, as one is "chosen" and the other is their biological child. Amazing how that often happens... Anyway, they have always been very special to me - very sweet, loving people. David and Rex, and especially Rex, got very emotional giving their testimonies before Brother Matt presented their charge to them. And then they got to participate in serving the Lord's Supper. Rex is Tara's husband's cousin, so that, too, makes them seem like "family."

Matt told us to really look at the bread and the juice and think about Christ's sacrifice for us. I did. I looked at the little cup of Welch's grape juice I held and watched the surface vibrate with every beat of my heart pulsing to the ends of my fingers and thought of how the very blood of Jesus was shed for me. And then I also thought of Mama and why didn't I think to ask her if she wanted to have the Lord's Supper in the hospital? I just didn't think of it. All the prayers - the all-night communion and prayers she had with God - the hymns we sang with her - were a testimony to her faith. Jesus understands. After all, He prayed all night in the Garden of Gethsemane. The bread and the wine are for remembrance of Him. We truly remember in our hearts.

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