Saturday, April 05, 2008

Then and Now...

The sorting/cleaning bug hit me again this afternoon about 4:00 and I went through the little trunk Mama gave me years ago. I had stored some cross-stitch threads, patterns, tape, Christmas stockings, and odds and ends. I saw again the southern flowers cross-stitch I started about 20 years ago. Has it been that long? I don't know why I didn't finish it. The last one I did was Sher's wedding bells, and I think after that I couldn't see as well at night to stitch and didn't have the time to do it during the day.

Here's what I had done on the southern flowers:
It looks almost complete, but just above the top dark green leaf is some white stitching, which was to be a blossom of some kind. There were other smaller flowers around it in the pattern.

Before Easter weekend I made Sher a little two-page (duplexed) book of "sisters" from pictures I had of Goobie and Arie in 1986; Margaret, Mama and Shirley in 1987; me and Sher last Easter at her house; and Margaret, Mama and Shirley (same order as the 1987 picture!) about 1938. (That is their age order, too - oldest to youngest - Margaret to Shirley.) Goobie (Flora) is seated in the rocker. Look how sweetly the aide at the nursing home had put her pretty hair up in finger curls with a pink ribbon. She dressed up with a necklace that day, too, to visit Arie at her house (actually their other sister Molly's house, who had died some years before and Arie lived there afterward).
Pages in order, front to back:

When I was looking through the trunk, I found myself wondering why I don't do more of this. I have plenty of supplies to do it with. I have DMC cross-stitch thread on little skeins by number order, and plenty more at Amy's that I gave her, which I'm sure she would let me "borrow" back. (Incidentally, she is one of the fastest cross-stitchers I know! She could finish a project in no time when she was stitching.)

Why do we put aside things we love to do? Going through old boxes, trunks and closets may be my motivator! I enjoyed it too much to just give it up, to think I'm "too old" or "too tired." Maybe these things I've collected are my "new shells" being washed up on the shore of this decade of my life!

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