Monday, April 07, 2008

Shadow Lawn

Sher sent me some pictures of herself in costume for the annual Pilgrimage in Columbus, for which she volunteered to be a guide at one of the antebellum homes. I remember the one - Shadow Lawn - from last year when we were there. It was a candle light tour then and this year also. I remember there was a collection of almost 200 clocks of various kinds, sizes and from all around the world; the kitchen was not "period" but was beautiful, large and had high ceilings. Her area was the hallway, which had a whole cabinet (I'm sure there is an antebellum name for it) containing many of the clocks. I don't know why I remembered so many details about these houses, but I surprised us both!

When I saw the pictures she'd sent, there were a couple of her on the lawn where she looked so much like our grandmother (Goobie), that I had to try something on Photoshop. (This program confounds me and I just don't spend enough time on it to learn it.) I had a little time to play around with it yesterday afternoon and here is what I came up with:

The shadow of Goobie on the lawn and she's hovering protectively over her granddaughter. This picture of Goobie was made just before or after Papa died at the Claybrook house in Memphis. She was standing beside a fence next to the driveway. There was a rose bush behind her. (I love scanning old pictures, zooming in and finding long-lost or forgotten details!) Interesting that they were turned the same way, with the same expression, and that their hands are folded so similarly.

This is my first attempt at layers. I wasn't sure if I'd get this saved in jpg; it was saved in another format from Photoshop. I had printed it once at home and was going to take it to Wal-Mart to get developed. When I put it on my work computer to see if I could email it to Sher in a smaller format (it was too large for Yahoo mail), after some tinkering around, there it was - jpg! I'm not sure what I did. I printed it on our color printer and the colors were more vivid. I cropped it a little because there was a tiny pink bald head in the shrubs behind her on the right, next to the column. I couldn't see it from the thumbnail, but when I printed it, there it was! Cropping didn't detract from the panorama of the lawn; maybe the next thing I can learn is how to Photoshop that little head out of the shrub!

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