Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Rain

Our one little dogwood has bloomed and maybe it's because it gets so much sun, but it is long-branched and the flowers are thinly spread through it. I know they do best in shade. It isn't in glaring sun, but... well, I'm just glad it's still living. We had flash-flood warnings this morning and I hope the downpour hasn't beat the flowers off of it.
Tomorrow I have to go to Memphis and I really would like for it to be sunny, or at least just overcast.
Amy called last night and is in Little Rock for a training meeting. She didn't know she was going until Sunday. Her sessions are on how to meet with families for funeral planning. There are other different training sessions being held there as well. Next Tuesday she takes the legal portion of her Arkansas licensing test. The way they have been scheduled lately, it has been difficult for her to have any time off to take care of personal business, but she did get her car inspected this week, much to her daddy's relief!
I hope the rain is about finished when she has to drive home this afternoon on I-40.

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