Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Special Birthday Card

A few days ago I wrote that this is the first time in my life that my Mama hasn't been here for my birthday, and I had told Sher that.

Last July, just a few days before Mama went to Iuka Hospital, Sher and I were home for Sher's birthday. Mama gave Sher this card for her birthday and I made pictures of it, just like I do everything else.

The front of the card...

Today I was looking at the mail after I got home and saw I'd gotten something from She, who'd told me she was mailing something else to me for my birthday. It undid me entirely when I pulled this out of the manila envelope.

Sher made sure I had Mama's presence in some sweet way for my birthday. She knew how much I needed this. Sher had two of the same card from Mama, two years in a row, and she sent me one of them. Dear Mama. Dear Sher. It's another epiphany that one of the cards came to me.

Love, Mama...

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