Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans (John Lennon)

You just never know what a day will bring. Last Wednesday I was at work and got a call from Amy that she was sick with stomach virus and could not stop being sick, sick, sick. Afraid of dehydration, around 2:00 I left work, went to Wynne, got Imodium and Emetrol (had never heard of this, but it works), got clothes, etc. at my house and drove to hers. I'd decided she had to go to the doctor when I got there, but she had kept enough Pepto down that she finally got some rest and slept for the afternoon. I washed three loads of clothes that got in the way of her being sick all over the bedroom, and wore gloves, wiped down everything, sprayed all around the rooms and tried not to breathe too deeply. I was in the virus zone.

I spent the night with her, got us some breakfast the next morning at Burger King (she only had a plain biscuit), and her dog-babies got most of mine. Just not what I wanted. While she slept some more, I shopped for groceries for her - she was out of milk, creamer, Sprite, On the Border Cafe Style Chips - the necessities. I checked on her again and did a little more shopping for myself - Davis Kidd, naturally - and by 2:30 she could eat soup and grilled cheese. I left around 3:30 and got home really tired. She was happy her mommy came to be with her; it just helps for someone else to be in the house - someone besides her two cats, who can't grill sandwiches or pour Sprite.
This was my birthday, March 6. The Big One.

Friday morning, I got up sick. That's how I spent my weekend - not quite as bad as Amy was, but still. That sure was a quick-acting virus. I got up Friday just long enough to make some pictures of the snow that was softly falling and we ended up with about 6 inches. (I later talked to Mama Nick and she said it was just a perfect snow - just right for snow cream, which she had made and eaten all weekend. She has always loved it!) Oscar stayed on my bed all day Friday. He knew I was sick, I think.

Saturday was a little better, but I didn't stir much. I finished reading March.

Sunday Paul went to church and Sunday School, morning and night. I still wasn't stirring much. Food didn't appeal to me at all. I ate half a baked potato for lunch and the other half for supper.

Monday - back to the routine as usual.

Tuesday I went for my annual physical in Jonesboro. All the basics were really good - blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar. And I had that mammo thing which is always a lot of fun, but they sent me to the center where now they have the digital imaging and I got to see the scans. It's a really nice center, too, with silky black robes and little lockers for your clothes and purse while you're having the test. By this time I was so hungry and for some reason really wanted some pancakes, so I went to IHOP. Afterward I went to Kohl's and bought a new Teflon coated pan as ours is becoming scratched and flaking off; Dillard's for eye make-up; and Barnes and Noble, where I got Polly a birthday gift, and a couple of magazines. (One is on fibromyalgia, which I'm researching some...) Again, I got home really tired. Paul had city council last night and Oscar and I rested in the recliner

I had planned to scan/download all the nice pictures of the snow and my neat birthday cards and put them here and may still do it. But, you know, life happened.

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