Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Unpredictable Weather

Sunday it was 75 and a beautiful sunny day. Today it is cold enough to snow and it was beautiful while it lasted. Thank goodness it didn't last long, nor ice the highways. The cold was so damp and piercing I asked Beck to put a Thermacare heat pad on my back. I have both heaters going in my office. Several of us (me, Carolyn, Norma, Donna, Shane, Wesley and Molly) ate at Ameca's and the food was warm and filling, but getting there and getting back was like an Arctic trip to me. When I got back to the office I had a small cup of hot chocolate and practically stuck my feet in one of my heaters. I just do not do cold weather well and the older I get, the less well. There are too many achey parts that the coldness plays havoc on.

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