Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Beautiful day! Sixty-eight degrees, breezy but not too strong. Martha emailed me today; asked if Paul and I would like to go to Hawaii sometime with them this year. Eleven years ago Good Friday we were in Hawaii when Amy and Colby were there. I don't know - the trip itself is so stressful! It was eleven years ago! If I could just be miraculously transported without the flying, the luggage, the airport, connecting flights, the jet lag... If I could just get to Gulf Shores...

My "project" is going well and I hope to finish it tonight. Jean has some fabric scraps she's going to bring to me for a finishing touch. I went to Wal-Mart at lunch and got some ribbon for the tag. My luck, the register tape ran out on their little machine back in fabrics and they couldn't find another roll. So the nice lady took me to electronics and checked me out, along with my other little stuff: Tacky Glue, cuticle trimmer, emery board. I went ahead and got 1/8 yard of two different kinds of cotton fabric in case I needed it for further "embellishments."

Bren has gone home for the day. It's quiet here. I'm caught up with as many of the PA sheets as I have at this point. I wish I could go home and finish my thing and putz and be. This is about the best time of day - after lunch before the tiredness begins to creep in around 4:30 and I have to begin pushing myself to make it to bedtime. In one way, getting to work gets me here, gets me up; in another, it wears me out just being here all day. (But! I have not taken Advil today!) Martha said she has been working 10-12 hour days plus some weekends, and this while taking post-cancer-treatment meds (preventive). Sometimes I wonder if some of mine is not psychological - I'm just tired of being tired.

Anyway... Looking forward to the weekend and Aunt Ginny's caramel cake (she has already made for me! I talked to her this morning); her profusion of spring flowers she said we could help ourselves to from her yard (to take to the cemetery); seeing all the family, making soup on Saturday for Paul's family, eating with both brothers and Mike's family Sunday; being with Sher. Will try to go by Southern Magnolia and see Bren's folks, Cecil and Rosie. And to Oak Grove to see Uncle Wendell's marker, since Aunt Ginny mentioned it and asked if I'd seen it. Wish Amy could have been off. If it had been her weekend off, she couldn't have come because they're all on call even then. But she understands that and accepts it - part of her job. Just love being in Iuka. Such a different kind of lifestyle, at least looking at it as a weekend visitor. But Bren says it is - slow and quiet. Suits me fine. Just makes me look that much more forward to retirement when I can set my own pace, schedule, length of trips, nap times and putzing around times. I can feel it getting closer every day.

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