Thursday, March 20, 2008


By 5:00 yesterday I had decided not to go to Bible study last night. By 5:30 I had decided I probably needed to. If I start missing, it will be easier the next time not to go. So I grabbed a can of Vienna sausages and some Sun Chips and ate them while standing at the kitchen counter. Paul wasn't that hungry (on Rotary days I know he's going to have a good lunch) and so I finished, giving Oscar bits of Sun Chips, and got to church on time. (The lines of Bradford pear trees at church took a beating in Tuesday night's wind storm and at least three of them had huge limbs or even half of their trunks split away.)

I'm glad I went. Gina guided us through some of the inductive Bible study procedures, marking worksheets with colored pencils and symbols, reading a passage over and over until we "got" the meaning of who, what, when, where, how. She's a good teacher and has had training in the inductive method, and has gone through at least four books of the Bible using this method. Years ago I started a study with a group and didn't finish it. Last night's lesson was just an introduction to how it's done; to do a whole book requires a lot of work and concentration. I'm not sure I could manage that now, but it may be exactly what I need. Concentration.

When I got home, Paul had gone to bed. (He got up later for a while.) He's still recovering from the stomach virus. I know it took me about a week afterward for my stomach to get back to normal.

I talked to Sher and to Amy. Then I worked on a project I'm doing for Sher. I won't give it away here because she may read this, but maybe I'll remember to post picture of it later.

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