Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

As Sher, Steve and I sat in church Easter morning at Pleasant Hill, I had time to reflect on the weekend so far - time to honor Mama's memory, time to honor Mama Nick and thank her for allowing us to sort of take over her kitchen, and looking forward to time with Mike and his family for dinner after church. The weather was pretty cool, but the "yellow gal" bushes (forsythia), daffodils, jonquils, thrift, tulip trees and Bradford pears were lit up with spring sunshine. I was also thankful that our family had a history in this small Methodist church - a Hubbard relative (on Goobie's side of the family) had been a pastor here many years ago.

Sher and I saw Mama's monument for the first time Saturday, except for pictures of it; cleaned off Goobie and Papa's graves, bought new shoes, shopped for groceries, and cooked soup for all of us that night. David, Sandra and Aunt Ginny joined us at Mama Nick's and David teased me about how he wanted his "steak" cooked. I told him I was sure it was well done! The "hamburger" soup had simmered for about an hour and all the flavors were blended thoroughly. Aunt Ginny had made her wonderful caramel cake (just for me, but I shared!), and Sher brought a turtle cheesecake from Columbus.We sat around talking for about an hour, the house had cooled off, I lowered windows and Paul turned on the gas heater. David, Sandra and Ginny left around 8:30 and by 9:00 the rest of us had all gone to bed. Sher and I slept in "Amy's" room - of course, Paul had his radio on and I could hear it faintly through the wall, but it wasn't too bad. She and I talked about an hour till we drifted off to sleep.

Sunday morning we were up by seven and while Mama Nick did have the biscuits in pans, I cooked the sausage and eggs. She had capped and sliced fresh strawberries the day before and we each had big bowls of sweet berries with breakfast.

We got to Pleasant Hill about 9:30 and were the only ones in the small, sunny sanctuary except for the circuit preacher, who was meditating on his sermon notes, but stopped to greet and welcome us. I could smell musty odor of the more than a century-old church, and although everything was modern with cushioned pews and carpet, we were surrounded by the scent of history. We could hear voices from behind the pulpit area in another room - a Sunday School class in session, and soon four ladies emerged and were upon us with greetings as well. All together there were 20 people in attendance, mostly older people, but three younger families, two with children.

After service, Steve, Sher and I walked out to the graves again to show Steve the flowers from Sher's yard and Aunt Ginny's yard, hurrying because the wind was biting and cold. Steve went home to change, Sher and I back to Mama Nick's to change, get our things loaded and meet Steve at his house - we wanted to see the work he'd done on the downstairs room. Paul followed us there and we saw Steve's newly poured concrete floor and inside walls he'd put up himself. Afterward we met at Mike's for the wonderful Easter dinner Marsha had prepared - ham, stuffed eggs, green beans, creamed corn, grape salad, rolls, cranberry sauce, dressing. That girl knows how to cook! It was so good to be all together again and with family and all was well. There were hugs and love-you's all around - but time was drawing on toward afternoon by then and we had a three-hour drive ahead of us. We left Iuka about 2:00. I was glad Paul was driving. I read and dozed.
Oscar was glad to see us when we picked him up from Classy Pooch - and he got the haircut I asked for! It isn't one half inch long, except for his head and tail, which are always left longer. We stopped by Cogbill for Paul to be sure the flags were still at Mrs. Peterson's gravesite that we had marked Friday, not blown down or taken down, and all was well there. By the time we got home and inside, Oscar was so thirsty he drank almost all the water in his bowl! Had he not drunk any all weekend? He was glad to be home, and so were we.

A good Easter. Celebration of the Resurrection - celebration of blessings of new life, family, memories. Celebration of the One Who makes Love, Joy and Peace possible.

The Difference a Year Makes

Easter in Columbus - 2007 (left); Mama made the pictures of me and Sher; and Iuka - 2008 (right), Paul made the picture.

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