Saturday, February 16, 2008

Soup Night

Jean invited us to their house Friday night for homemade soup, and she had made two kinds: Taco and cream of potato. I wanted both, but was full by the time I finished the taco soup with sour cream, grated cheese, homemade cornbread, salad.

I took a salad and Carol took lemon icebox pie and fruit platter.

Sarah made the picture of all of us, which turned out good. Charlene and Bill didn't come because Charlene had just returned Thursday from her overseas mission trip and was in the throes of jetlag.

Afterward the men "retired" to the living room and we girls went to Jean's bedroom where she modeled her Sarah Jessica Parker houndstooth check coat and showed us her little flippy gored skirt. We haven't been together like that in quite some time and it was good just being "girls" again.
We're not asleep; it just looks that way.

Oh, and somebody made a mess serving the taco soup!

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