Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Few Changes

I made a few changes in my blog.

I changed the name. These two words - clay and wattles - are from that W. B. Yeats poem that has long been a favorite of mine, and they are so full of meaning for my age! They tell of building, nesting, planning, keeping things all together, being molded into His likeness, and even aging. But they have a sound of permanence to them and a feeling of home.

I also changed the side picture to one of an old journal - Linnet's Wings. A linnet, of course, being a bird and symbolizing freedom of flight. Wings are the pages carrying my thoughts, prayers and meditations. At one time everything went in that book - stuff I'd collected - souvenirs, ribbons, writings, cartoons, ticket stubs, receipts.

I've enjoyed reading "Artful Blogging" and other mixed media magazines by Stampington, and "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" among many others and just decided to try to make some of these types of things - paper arts (if I can ever bring myself to make a mess or leave the mess on the dining table!). I've looked at other people's work and thought, I could do that! I will at least have a place to save scanned work or make pictures and store some of the things I do. Maybe this will give me more incentive, since I've actually stated here what I want to do, that I will actually do something. (Amy, if you read this, you know what I'm talking about! Playing and making messes! It's about time!)

Maybe those early morning hours when I can't sleep aren't being entirely wasted. When I can't sleep, I read the art magazines. Maybe I can begin to follow through with some of the Blocks in my City.

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