Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Saturday

I got a few things done today, like some work for Woodruff early this morning. I uploaded Noal R's reception pictures to Wal-Mart and got pictures ordered. They'll be ready to pick up Monday. I actually went to Wal-Mart for a few things and ended up buying the Singer electronic sewing machine - not the one I'd looked at last week - but it's lightweight and I can lift it. It has several different programmable stitches, so I can embellish my cards and pages some. (I used money I'd saved from back in the fall.) I also got some 5X7 prints made of two favorite pictures I have of Mama, and some frames, and got the one of her sitting on the rocks in the Azores framed and hung on the wall with her other ocean-themed pictures I have. Now that empty place that's been waiting is complete.

Richard called when Tara and Emmy were at his house and I went to see them. Emmy is just a little doll, doing little girl things now like playing with her babies and was fascinated with closing the doors. She had on a pink dress with ruffles and matching bloomers, pink shoes (Joy got for her birthday) and a pink bow, which was actually staying clipped in her fair and curly hair. She's really sweet and Tara is such a good mommy. Dick and Jean also went over to see them.

On the way back to W-M, I stopped at Lower Deck (moving-to-Jonesboro sale) and got a pretty salad plate, one piece of stemware and two matching white cups for $1 each, and some candles 75% off. Later, I put the plate and stemware in the white cabinet Paul hung for me two weeks ago. Hidden treasure - it's really out of sight, but if you're out in the utility room, it's a simple and pretty arrangement. I asked Kay if she had any old wallpaper books and she said she did and would get some together and let me know. She had also thrown away a dumpster-full of them! Oh, me! Well, Amy and I can use what she has left. Good paper samples for our "projects!" (Yes, more books to stack up somewhere... lol)

After I got home (I actually went to W-M twice), I tried to walk Oscar but he was having none of the rain and he just skidded across the pavement when I tried to get him to walk. So guess what? We didn't go for a walk!

I took some stale bread to the back fence to throw over for the birds and/or feral cats, and on the way looked at different shrubs and trees to see if there were any signs of spring. Actually, there were, so I went back inside to get the camera. The forsythia isn't blooming, but it has buds. The redbud has buds. The dogwood has buds. So buds are good.

I had an email from Uncle Ray about Aunt Shirley. They have hospice for her now two days a week. I know it is hard and I'm so sorry. They're such good people and were really good to me at a time when I sure needed some support and guidance. Shirley is Mama's younger sister. I think Robin lives nearby, but I'm not sure where Mike and Pam and families live. I asked him about that when I wrote back.

The day is just about gone and another good Marble Day. I made another pretty salad and chili-Frito "pie" for supper and afterward dozed off in the recliner watching Modern Marvels or some such program. Paul's already gone to bed to listen to the radio and it's fairly early. I still have my Sunday School lesson to study.

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