Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday

Now this morning was a day I woulda stayed home if I could!!! I have a place on my foot that itches some nights till I can’t sleep. Maybe I’ll get some biofreeze type stuff or Numzit or something that has numbing ingredients in it for that! Took something to go back to sleep around oh, I don't know 12, 2, 3; but always, always have to get up at least once, and then the hot flashes. So it was a miserable night and this a.m. I cried on the way to work. Got to call doctor today to see if any reason why I could not start back on my hormones!! I guess whatever I did have in my system is gone now, and it’s awful. Sher suggested a hormone cream, but what’s the difference? I have pills left. When I go for my annual next month I want to see what he thinks about going back to 1.25. But I gotta ask the lung doctor what he thinks about starting back - if there's any reason whatsoever he thinks I should not. (Anyway, he didn't tell me not to take them. I just stopped, prior to the PET and results... which were okay.) If I don’t get sleep, especially being “tortured” with hot flashes and itchy places on my feet, I’m a total, horrible crank.

And Paul didn't have to work today - President's Day. When he put on his red sweatshirt this morning I was reminded that this is a holiday (for some) and broke down in tears over my honeybun (more carbs!). He didn't have much sympathy for me. If he had, I would have not bucked up and gone on to work. Practicality seems to do it for me. I hope he had a good day off, too.

Yes, I'm thinking hormones is the way to go...

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