Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Little It Takes to Make Us Happy

Mama Nick sent us a thank you card for the Valentine I sent her. I sent it to give her a little cheer and let her know she's our sweetheart and we were thinking of her. What she sent back much more blesses us than we ever could have her.

She is 89 years old and still able to live alone at home. She lives on a rural road about a quarter of a mile from her 86 year old sister. Mama Nick drives over to Ginny's house occasionally, but no further. This winter I'm sure she has stayed indoors most of the time, only going as far into the cold as the mailbox on her house and the paper box on her carport post. These kind people come up her driveway to put her mail and paper in the boxes. Every time I talk to her she asks about Amy and I can say almost verbatim what she always tells me, "I am so thankful she has a job that she will always be needed for." She prays for us daily. She doesn't see well any more, she cooks enough to supplement the meals that are brought to her house, she doesn't have a television set, nor does she want one. She listens to Southern gospel music on the radio and still works the daily crossword puzzles and reads the newspaper. And she prays for us. She and God are very close and dear to one another.

So it doesn't take much to make her happy - to receive a little Valentine card from us. And it makes me very happy that this dear lady, my "second mother," took the time to find a card, a stamp, and still is able to address mail to us, tell us she appreciates the card and that she loves us so much. Most precious is her blessing: "May the Lord bless you and keep you close to Him."

By His grace He has, and by her prayers, we have been lifted to His throne daily.

Thank you, Mama Nick.

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