Thursday, February 21, 2008

God is in the Details

This morning more paperwork hit me full force and I finally had to abandon that project out of sheer aggravation and frustration. I just finished getting SPDs distributed last week and I knew the SMMs were coming soon. I didn't expect them this quick and I wanted everyone to have their insurance information as soon as possible, so I did get the SPDs done. I should have waited. I don't know why NRE can't get all of their printed material ready at the same time. But then I'm not there and I would guess there are some people as frustrated as I am at times, trying to get all the rules/regulations/benefits under each co-op's header. I'm just going to put that off for today and instead move some old files and shred some old papers. Sometimes I just have to clean up, clean out, clear off to clear my mind and let things simmer for a while before I tackle the details. I'd rather God be in the details than the devil.

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