Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

Ya’ll I have to tell you – MY husband - HE has a BLOG! The other night I was showing him Joy’s and Neall/Becca’s and he said, “How do you make one?” I showed him and asked him if he was going to start one. “Nah.” When lo and behold, yesterday evening after I’d been home about an hour, he casually announced he’d started one!

Check it out – it’s bound to be chock fulll of Go, Dawgs, maybe some Pig Sooooie and lots of Politics!

Please leave some comments – this will spur him on – I think it’s a great hobby/pastime!! Who knows, he may write the next great American novel!

Well, just so you know. Anyway, I think it’s pretty neat.

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