Friday, January 25, 2008


It is about 26 degrees out and sleeting lightly. Not far from here in another county, one of the school districts has dismissed school.

I had a grocery list started so I'll stop by Hay's this evening to buy groceries. The grocery stores are always over run when the weather gets bad. In the south we don't deal with it well. Any hint of precipitation in the winter causes all kinds of alarm about snow and ice covered highways and closed schools. Since I cleaned out the fridge last night, now I really need to stock up on what was getting low. It's strange to open the door and it actually be so bright inside it looks practically new. I even cleaned out the freezer part, and all that's left in there is a Ziploc container of frozen candy bars, two bottles of ice, a couple of ice packs, and several different kinds of coffees, some I know that are over ten years old that Amy sent us from Hawaii! Too sentimental to throw it out, too afraid to taste it!

I talked to Sher and she sounded a wee bit better. She has a terrible cold and is scheduled to drive to Florida for a month-long educational class for her work. She also had some good news about her job, which may be changing for the better, but so far only eggs and no chicks. Said she'd probably wait till tomorrow to make the trip. She's taking Minnie the Cat to Melanie's to keep for her. They had a weather warning about sleet, but so far, none. She's about 4 hours south of us, too.

I'm thankful for the gas heater we had installed last winter. I hope we don't have to use it, though. I think I may hibernate again this weekend. That sounds really bad, but I don't want to start this cough again and cold weather does that to me.

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