Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mama's Quilt

Sometimes I forget to look at the details. I haven't been using my camera a lot lately and have been out of practice. But today when I took a nap (cold, gray day just right for staying in and staying warm) I had Mama's quilt spread over me and really looked at it, felt it and was connected to her. Every stitch in the quilt top (Hunter's Star) is by her hand. (Richard's mother and her sewing group actually quilted it and those are the stitches that are really visible.) But all the pieces were hand sewn together and there are some places where they peek through at the adjoining edges. Just a lot of work, time and effort, and all because she wanted to. All because she loved me.

Then Oscar would be ignored no longer and added his antics to the quilt-top and flopped around trying to avoid the red light on the camera. It bothered his eyes and I finally saw why when I turned it on myself. It is pretty bright. He's in dire need of a haircut, but I don't want to do it while it's so cold out. Paul was walking him one day and one of the children down the street told Paul, "Your dog is hairy." Paul was surprised that he'd think a dog would be any other way! Out of the mouths of babes...

Oscar has a really long tongue... and he has pretty white chin whiskers which he likes to show off.

I made crushed ice with the new Oster blender and it was wonderful with Dr. Pepper poured over it. I made soup and it was much better than last time when I put a whole can of Rotel in it and it was too hot even for Paul. I gave Oscar a bath. (If he sleeps on the quilt he has to have a bath, even in cold weather...) I've cleaned out some old papers and filed insurance policies and such today. I've studied my Sunday School lesson. I've talked briefly to Amy this morning and asked about road conditions over the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge (icy according to the Memphis channel), which she has to travel over at least twice a day. (She was on her way to work and called after I TM'd her, and told her to call me back when she wasn't driving!) I've talked to Sher, who was getting ready for her trip to Florida, having loaded all she thinks she'll need for a month, plus the cat, which she's taking to Melanie's. I talked to Shelby, Stephanie, and to Charlene. (Charlene leaves for a 17-day mission trip on the 29th.)

Paul has gone to an Eagle Scout award ceremony. His picture was in this week's paper declaring today "Matthew Aaron Crawford Day" in Wynne, an Eagle Scout honoree.
This pictures was made a few weeks ago - a little finch hangs upside down on the seed bell, pecking away. There is just a the stem of the bell left now, all the seed having been eaten or fallen to the ground.
Little things make a day.

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