Sunday, January 20, 2008

Visit with Emmy & Sol

Friday night we ate at Don Jose's and got to see Emmy and Sol, oh, and Neall, Becca, Tara, and Richard. Sol is four months old and just about as big as Emmy is at eleven months! They're such cuties and both were so good and sweet. I had asked Tara if Emmy could have suckers and she said she'd never had one before! So I took a couple to her. Here she is with her first sucker - grape. Sol and Paul (rhymes!) got to guy talk. It was a busy table with us passing babies around, talking, taking pictures and eating. Richard and I shared our now customary avocado. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes not. This time we got a whole one (I asked for a half) but it was all eaten.


Saturday we hibernated. It was so cold and windy! I put a roast on for late lunch. I didn't get dressed until... Did I get dressed? I did take a shower, planning to be ready for church this morning. But at 7:50 I woke up and knew we couldn't get there by 8:30. Paul said it was 17 outside and he just didn't wake me up. It was thoughtful of him. I did later go to a Sunday School class meeting at Shelby's then went to Wal-Mart looking for a new clock radio. (My RCA has never been a simple thing to figure out and now the CD player won't work. Every time the power goes off I have to read the instructions how to reset everything and I can't see the tiny letters on the control buttons.) I didn't find one, but got soy milk, graham crackers, Cheerios, a roll of lint tape and a few other things. Then I came back home and hibernated some more. Paul is watching the Packers and Giants play in sub-zero weather in Green Bay. Some of the "tough" guys without so much as a long sleeved jersey on! Why? Only the linemen?

This will be a busy week: visit with Vee in the morning; orientation of new part-time employee; letters to write at least three dozen people who put apps in but they decided not to fill the job; the insurance payroll deductions to figure out (Norma said she'd help me check them over); the statewide's salary survey to complete; payroll changes; newsletter (for which I have one picture of the old bill inserting machine being hauled off - whoopee!) Somehow it all gets done. Somehow.

Sher is going to continue looking for a car before her month-long trip away from home. Her car's catalytic converter and muffler are falling apart. She's taking Minnie, her cat, to Melanie's for her to keep. Mel will only be about 90 minutes away from where Sher will be.

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