Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dog in Training

This morning it was misting rain and the patio was wet. I'm trying to get Oscar to go out into the back yard to do his little business so I won't have to put on eight layers of jackets and coats, earmuffs, gloves and scarves to "lead" him to do his little business.

The first try was a little cruel. I felt sort of bad, but not too bad. I pushed him out the door. I don't remember doing this before. I tried three times before I got him out! Immediately, he started pawing at the glass. I let this go on for a few minutes, uh, seconds and let him back in. After my breakfast and his snacks (carrots, bite of banana, two tiny bites of my toast and a couple of Cheerios), I tried him again.

"Come on, go out. Go pee-pee." This time he went right out, ran around the yard a few times and got so far off to the side and nearly behind one of the big pines that I couldn't really tell if he did anything or not. But he finished whatever it was and came flying back to the door, which, by the time he got there, was wide open for him. Maybe he had heard me tell Paul I wasn't going to take him out to walk... too bad for him, and that I didn't care; he'd just have to cross his legs. Or maybe he realized I meant business and he didn't want to be pushed out again. But whatever he did, he stayed out long enough to do something, and was happy about it.

A happy dog. A happy me. Much praise and a special treat. Maybe he'll do it again tomorrow.

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