Sunday, June 03, 2007

Catching Up!

Friday Paul went for his appointment at UAMS and the doctor wasn't able to tell him anything with the tests he had already had done. He is scheduled for more on Friday, June 8 - MRI and another CT scan. He said he would not do a biopsy with the information he has because it might damage to his ligaments and nerves in his fingers. He would have to move muscle and nerves around and he didn't want to risk that before he had more to go on. It's possible he can treat this lesion with medication. (The pain? I assume.) He has to be there at 7 a.m., and that means leaving before 5:00 from here.

The Relay for Life was Friday night and our Energizer Team had a BBQ booth which appeared to have done quite well. Cindy's husband John really knows how to smoke pork! I made scads of pictures of everyone who came while I was there, up until 8:00 P.M., and fatigue and heat hit me and I just had to leave it with them. Amy met me there and stayed until then, also. We had a good time setting up, visiting, and selling our goodies to folks. There were luminaires for Teri, Ida, Kenny, Lillian (Carolyn's sister), Jimmie, Jimmy Lewis, others I recognized the names. Richard came and stayed until around 10:00, and walked around the track carrying WECC's Spirit Stick, decorated by Norma with streamers and ribbons.

Saturday Amy and I took Oscar to the vet for his annual shots, check for heartworms, and other worms. That all checked out fine, to the tune of $96, including 6 months of heart worm meds. I decided to wait a couple of months to get his tick and flea med since I still had 2 left.

She and I got our hair cut at Hairjazz. She had 6 inches cut off hers and it is still so long! (And beautiful.) We later went to Colby's to pick up lunch and Richard, Tara, Emmy, Neall and Becca were there eating, so we sat nearby and visited. Got to hold little Emmy again - she's growing so fast. Image of her daddy!

Then we napped and later went to the grocery store where I got filets and Paul grilled them. For Sunday I got a roast.

It was nice sitting on the patio after supper - there was a cool breeze and we watched the fireflies again.

Sunday we went to church and Sunday School. Brother Matt preached on Luke 6:43-49, the two houses: one built on a solid foundation and one on shifting sand. In SS we had a full class as is about usual now, around 24, which is wonderful - all ages and stages of life. Our lessons now are based on Ray C. Stedman's "Authentic Christianity." The lessons seem to be more in-depth than last quarter's; and Amy took a book with her. (I told her we could call each other and work on them together...)

After church while we were still "dressed up," I made several pictures of Amy so she would have a photo to send with her funeral director's licensing application. While I downloaded and tweaked them, she finished cooking the okra, creamed the potatoes, and got the iced tea ready. We ate our dinner, she napped, I cleaned the kitchen, then we went to Wal-Mart and got the pictures she chose developed. (I tried on my printer here, but the color was a little off; I didn't think they looked professional enough.) She's such a beautiful young woman, smart, sweet and dedicated. I'm proud she's our daughter!

After she left our house around 2:30, I called Mama and Sher, talked to them while lying on the bed, resting, and caught up on their news. Sher and David are going to Pensacola/Watercolors the week of June 9. Mama's hot water heater pipe leaked again, and Mike fixed it. By this time it was about 5:00 so I ate some leftover roast beef and rolls, and Paul and I got ready to go to church.

I know one thing! - I believe I'm going to get a massage and/or go to the chiropractor next week. My shoulders and lower back have really acted up this weekend. Haven't done anything particularly strenuous (typing? bathing Oscar in the shower?), but oh, it really gets me when my muscles and joints spasm like they have the couple of days and it affects my sleep. Dick B told me when I retired, all my aches and pains will go away. I sure hope so!!

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