Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Rest and recuperation. Not recreation, unless you count fiddling with the camera I've had for 3 years and just now getting around to reading most of the instruction book.

But after Monday's bout with the chills, and a backache that night, I realized it wasn't just aching muscles and the air conditioning that was making me ill. On Tuesday the doctor confirmed a bladder/uti infection. A 7-day round of macrobid for that, which made me sick last night and this a.m., but the side-effects seems to have worn off sooner today (nausea and headache). I slept (off and on, what with getting up to go to the bathroom) 12 hours.

Charlene's birthday breakfast was this morning and I got up and did go for that. Carol wasn't feeling too well either, but is okay. Well, in fact, she's having bladder surgery June 21.

After I called my boss, I emailed the girls at work since I didn't yesterday, and let them know where I was. Beck did have to ask where I was... Then I got back in my jammies and propped up in bed on a heating pad. I had a full glass of water beside me, and the Karen Alexander-Doyel CD that Charlene had loaned me, and I listened to it twice. She spoke at our women's supper not long ago. This CD was about "Joy in All Circumstances." It was very good. The second time through, I made some notes and wrote down the Scriptures: 1 Peter 4:13, Ps 30:5, Philippians 2:17, Ps 51:17, 1 Peter 5:10; 2 Cor 4:17, 2 Cor 12:9-10, Is 40:25-30.

Then I got my Nikon Coolpix camera instruction book out and learned a ton of stuff I didn't know about exposures, settings, portraits, etc.

This is Oscar made with a portrait setting I didn't know about before. He poses so well; I think he knows what the camera is!

Another pretty good shot of him. Love his little eyes peeking out, so big, brown and round.

The living room - I don't remember what exposure, but I was playing around with the over/under exposure setting. This may have even been in normal lighting.

And here we are at our birthday party, which was before 8:00.

I have also learned that Richard and Linda have bought a lot at Greers Ferry, to potentially build a house on some day. It has a lake view of 270 degrees! If I had not just been listening to Joy in All Circumstances, I would be very jealous...! I sure wish them the best. I feel as if I've known her a long time, and evidently is very good for Richard.

And Amy's (probable) last day at BFH was yesterday. It seems they could never get it all together to discuss full-time pay with her. After a pretty harrowing year (not the actual mortician/funeral work) she had reached her breaking point, or rather breaking off point. You know what they say - it's the living who give you trouble, not the dead. Well, not like you'd think.

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