Thursday, May 24, 2007

Light Symbols

Back to work today.

At 5:00 we had a Relay for Life meeting to plan our booth at the walk June 1. Cindy's husband is going to smoke pork butts for BBQ and we'll sell sandwiches, chips, drink, a dessert for $5, or priced separately the equivalent of a $5 dinner. I suggested getting Willie Wiredhand back on the job, he made such a good showing on the Christmas float, but this time with a pink ribbon. Willie was chosen in 1951 as NRECA's symbol of the rural electrification program (REA). His bottom half and feet are designed as an electrical plug.

When I got home Paul was shoveling dirt that came from the neighbor's yard. She had a driveway bed scraped up and we needed the dirt, so Willard dumped several small loads of dirt over our fence. Paul had the trailer attached to the riding mower and as I had never driven it, asked if I could. So I drove and he shoveled. I made pictures of him shoveling and he made pictures of me driving, with the camera setting on the rapid succession. We finished about dusk, and it was so pleasant with the cool of the evening, the smell of the wet dirt and the fireflies began to rise from the ground. (Where do they stay all day, in the grass?) So they rise up, putting on a fairy show. I was still making pictures and didn't think I'd really get any of them, but when I downloaded them, discovered that the little yellow streaks are their lights! At the shutter speed and the enlargement the pictures were grainy and out of focus (hand-held), but the effect was pretty.
That little yellow dot just about HERE is a firefly.

And in this one, there is a streak at the top and the bottom.

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