Friday, May 04, 2007

Breaking News...

Paul got information confirming his appointment today and there was a number to call for information. He did and was told the June 1 would be a consultation and probably a couple of weeks after that he would have the biopsy. He told the nurse (I assume a nurse) that his arm is hurting and she said she would work on getting the appointment moved up. She will call back hopefully Monday. I'm glad; maybe we can get this started and over with! I also told him to "get over it," that I was going with him even if it was for a consultation! Sheesh!

Amy is coming home Sunday and will be here in time to go to Sunday School with me, and church with us. She hasn't been home since before we got the gas fireplace installed! It was sitting in the living room floor unassembled and unconnected. She hasn't seen the kitchen since it's been repainted and new countertop.

I'm up late tonight (for me) updating pictures and backing them up on CDs and my external hard drive (EHD). I had one card full of pictures and started on another one so I wanted to get them emptied, labeled and backed up.

We ate at Colby's tonight, by the way.

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