Friday, May 04, 2007

Those Necessary Check-ups

Almost 2 years ago Dr. B put Paul on this low carb diet because his sugar level was high and he has a history of diabetes (Mother Ruth) in his family. Sixty carbs at meals, 15 carbs for snacks. He has pretty strictly followed that advice, too. So much so that he has lost 38 pounds. Recently he went to Trent to see about a pain in his right forearm, and asked him when his weight would level off. So in addition to seeing an orthopaedic doctor, he will also have some other fun tests, since he is over 50. The only thing he could really say about the weight stabilizing is that he probably could eat more protein. He is almost sick of cheese by now. But no diabetes!

A full body bone scan in Jboro did not show any other bone lesion except the one on his forearm and Dr. Guin said he believed it to be benign. This will be a long month. But we should not take any day for granted. It's only these annoying tests that make us realize how easily we could give over to worry. But that is not what our Lord said. He said that He has not given us a spirit of fear!

May 15 he will go to Jonesboro for the colonoscopy. June 1 he will see Dr. Nicholas in Little Rock at UAMS about his arm. As for the thyroid test at the local clinic, I said he should call to see about it, not take silence for an answer or that everything was okay. Amazingly, tests do get lost or misplaced! I just always like to hear yea or nay, so he said he would call Sherry, Trent's nurse.

May 22 Mama will have her heart test. The something runoff, sort of like an angiogram I think. Steve will take her to Tupelo and Sher will meet them there.

The jeans that Doris took up didn't look too bad on Paul this morning. They were much better than the ones she had put in khaki pants late last year. That was pitiful! The seat of his pants just bowed out! I told him we'd see how these look after he has sat in them a lot today.


Our "gang" is hither and yon tonight: Richard at Linda's niece's recital; Dick and Jean at Concepts of Truth banquet. I really would like to get a pizza and bread sticks like we used to do, but that would be too many carbs for Paul (and me). I don't know what we'll do for our Friday night date! Actually, anywhere close to Wynne would be great. I feel as if I could just crawl in bed now and stay the weekend. But Oscar has to have a bath and trim, especially around his face/eyes (his hair grows sooo fast!); clothes to wash in our new washer (I hope it was delivered today); groceries to buy, meals to cook; Amy may come home or we may go there. (Please come home, Amy. You are so young! I'll make chicken spaghetti for you!) Sunday School lesson to study; church Sunday.

Some yard pictures from this week. The roses are ones I set out last summer from small pots (miniature roses), and they have taken off with little attention from me, which is to their benefit! Oscar was enjoying the yard, too. Thankful for small joys!

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