Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday After Easter

It warmed up considerably and the sun shone today, a welcome weather change from yesterday's cold, windy front that settled over us all day. By this afternoon, Oscar and I walked to school and back and by church time it was only light jacket weather.

I found a gift bag in the yard when we came home from church this morning. There was no name or card in it, but a mobile figurine of a lady (Laini's Ladies) with this quote on it:

"She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain." ~ Louisa May Alcott

Someone knows me so well! I called Jean and Charlene and it was neither of them. So that left Tara (Jean probably would have known if Carol had left it and she didn't mention it). I called her and it is a late birthday gift.

Tara was getting ready to feed Emmy some oatmeal to see if she would sleep better. Since Emmy's had colic, I suggested rice cereal if the oatmeal didn't work. It digests easier and faster. I'm ready to see that little one again.


Then there was the call to Mama, my usual Sunday call to her, and she still wasn't feeling well. Sher called me yesterday on her way back to Columbus and said Mama had not felt well all the week she was there. Mama had not gotten dressed Saturday or today, which is unlike her. She has no breath, no strength. She said she and Sher had talked about her driving, or not driving, and how her reflexes were not up to speed, nor her strength, so she is probably going to stop driving soon. I can't imagine that - 20 years ago she was driving to Ft. Worth and back, 11-hour trips. But that was 20 years ago. Life happens. I dread to think that she has not enough energy to even do her laundry or cook for herself. What then? I'm thankful the "boys" are there to see about her. And I also think of Mama Nick in much the same situation, becoming weaker after the stroke she suffered. It hurts to see our mothers this way, losing their independence. Mama has always dreaded a nursing home and I just can hardly stand to think about it either. Our hope is in Christ - whatever happens, He will provide the grace and strength to do what we have to, what they will have to. That is easy to say; God give us the steadfastness to hold onto Your promises when the rubber hits the road.

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