Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Portraits

Last weekend all of us "kids" were at Mama's for sister Sher's birthday. At Christmas for the past several years, we scurry through the cold and bunch up on Mama's deck in the corner to have our picture made. Since Sher has been able to be home more and is going to be even closer than she has been since she moved away 36 years ago, we have made interim family pictures on the deck in the "off seasons." Mike fusses about where to stand. "We have to be in the same place every time!" My idea. The first couple or three Christmases, we took our positions in the same places each time, and at my direction had our arms draped over the same shoulders, placed on the railing in the same spot, and legs crossed at the same angle. So in the summer I relented, with coaxing from Sher and Steve, and let Mike wear caps, sunglasses, and stand where he wants to. Last weekend was scorching hot like most of this summer has been, so we still scurried out to the deck corner, hastily lining up however we wanted to and getting our picture made, trying to avoid as much heat as possible even though the deck is so well shaded by tall trees, taking turns with different ones standing in and then taking the pictures of the whole family, in addition to just us five. Mama didn't need to be in the heat very long either. Mike especially doth object, but I think he just fusses because he doesn't want us to see how much he enjoys it. Or maybe not. But he joins in.

The "new" family member, Oscar, got in the line-up, too. Since this was a summer picture, I got to hold him, just as Mike exercised his preference for sunglasses!

Good sports, every one.

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