Sunday, December 17, 2017


There is so much I didn't write about this year...

1.   In June & July I had shingles in lower back down left leg. Thought I'd lose my mind.

2. Carol had a brain bleed and spent two weeks in ICU at Methodist Memphis. She's doing much better.

3.   David has a brain tumor, astrocytoma. Treatments at M D Anderson. He's home now, weak. Has oral chemo M-F.

4.   Sher leased Papa's house at Glen and was home in Sept and Nov working on it, buying furniture, etc, painting. I made kitchen curtains.

5.   My thyroid med seems to have leveled out at 100.

Those are the major life events.

I got some sewing done.  Paul worked in the yard till fall. Amy turned 44 on Dec 4. Oscar had his 13th birthday Dec 8. Paul was 71 Oct 22. God willing I'll be 70 SEVENTY Mar 6.

Thankful for friends - Charlotte, Brenda, Club girls, SS girls, Car Club folks.  Relatively good health: some arthritis, feet neuropathy. Heart meds working well.

I may try to return here's on a regular basis in 2018.  But look-the major things above are what happened.

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