Tuesday, February 02, 2016


February has four of every day of the week - this won't happen again for oh, 862 years or so. According to Facebook.

January is already past - the days slide into each other non-stop, which is great - we are still breathing, walking, talking. But it goes so fast!

January 17 Aunt Ginny fell. She's at Tishomingo Manor now in "swing bed" (rehab) and doing reasonably well. Weak. Doesn't eat much without prompting, except ice cream.

Jo and Maxine are working on the 2015 Club scrapbook. I will type the captions and a few other pages - my contribution to the effort. Part of my contribution. I make pictures of all the meetings, hostesses,  programs and they use many of those in the book.

We nominated Jo as Clubwoman of the Year and there is some narrative I need to type for her to submit.

My pictures are all spread out on the dining table, about half finished putting them in albums.

My list for this year included: learning how to use my serger and finishing two quilt tops I started in the classes I did at Treasure Chest. 

I've had a big floater in my eye which is better - pressure was ok, no tears... (Dr. Wooten). Now I have a chest/head cold and it moves from one part of me to the other. Yesterday I was out doing errands and it was misty rain and I had no business being outside.

I'll be so glad when spring comes. 

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