Thursday, January 07, 2016


Tha incident/event that happens and you think it will stop, but it doesn't - it keeps galloping toward what you know will be the likely outcome...

I was watching Paul build the steps to my newly delivered shed and let Oscar off the leash to have a little freedom to run to the house, which he did. Then he turned and his ears perked and I knew he'd spotted something. He's quick as lightning and off he sped across the yard, under the electric fence to the MULES that were grazing there. Barking and running between them! They were kicking, stomping and plunging at him and I could just see his lifeless little body lying there or flying through the air! Oh my God! I've never screamed so loud and still he barked and tried to chase them! Finally I guess he saw he wasn't gonna win that fight and came back to me. I was a quivering, sobbing mass by then and thought my heart would pound out of my chest. I nearly lost my Oscar today. And it would have been my fault. I brought him to the house and checked him over. He was a little dusty, but no blood, no limping or licking hurt places... I held him a long time, sobbing and thinking what could have happened, with those images flashing through my mind over and over. NEVER again, NEVER, will I let him out of the house or in the yard without being on a leash. I've said that before when he's just run for the joy of it, but this time he was chasing monsters bigger then he is. And they were doing what all mules would do. I guess he will be sore by tonight or tomorrow and I have some metacam I can give him. It's just amazing and by God's good grace he wasn't kicked or stomped in the stomach or kicked in the head or a leg broken, or ribs. 

So here is my Christmas present. It was amazing how this man (these two men, but especially the driver) eased that shed around a 45 degree turn and into a space just barely wider than the building. The trailer it was hauled on would manipulate up, down, sideways. He had it setting where the foundation was probably 30 minutes, start to finish. 

This younger guy was on his toes, too. He knew just how to guide, stop and start.

Like threading a needle backward! Or as Ginger Rogers said, "Dancing backward and in heels," with Fred Astaire.

Just amazing - it rocked but never got overbalanced

This cost megabucks.

And the man and machine got the job done!

Building steps. What a good husband. I was just thinking cinder block.

He did get them finished but I don't have a picture yet. I was in the throes of panic with Oscar. After I saw he was okay, I went to the grocery store and Walmart. It was 5:00 when I got back home. It's raining now, has been cloudy all day.

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