Monday, January 04, 2016


I'm getting a slow start this morning - ache all over - from neck to hips. Have tramadol but haven't been brave enough to take it. Bren fusses at me for not taking prescribed meds. Always have to get my courage up. Didn't sleep well - Had bad dreams I'm sure from the book club selection I finished yesterday - Father and Son by Larry Brown. Too gritty, gruesome and graphic, but I finished. If next month's is anything like it, I won't be reading it. Think I'll just start on War and Peace and then maybe the one I suggested Angle of Repose (Wallace Stegner). The others seem good - I've read Henrietta Lacks and some other one, but I can't and won't read any more like January's. It literally makes me sick at my stomach.

So anyway - Needlechasers quilt guild today at 1:00. Oscar's arthritis shot at 3:30. Need to go to grocery store, but I'll think about that another day, Scarlett. Thelma is due for her annual shots. Maybe Wednesday or Friday morning. Sy (Robinson/Merrill Lynch) is coming here Friday. Thank goodness the house will be clean since Donna will be here Thursday.

On to take a shower.
I paid my membership in Needle Chasers' Quilt Guild. I'm a bonafide member. The "interest" information on the membership form had several things you can help with. For now I checked "charity project." I'd thought about charity quilts, so I thought this would be good. I also liked "kids can quilt," but I didn't check it for now.  "Hostesses" set up chairs and birthday months are a good way to remember to do it, so I put myself down for March. There are several ladies I know, some just by sight. Betty Rickard from sewing class in Corinth. Adrienne Phillips from very first quilting class at the extension center. Jean Crane from church (we've worked in p/c dresses before). Mary... from Red Hats - Sharon Beene? I think - has quilt shop near Corinth, though I guess I didn't know she sold fabrics. Thought it was just quilting work. Someone had brought a bunch of fabric from their deceased mother's stash and I set my few pieces down that I'd brought. I thought it was a swap. Just worked out that way.

Jenni gave Oscar his shot; he was good. Sam held him. Thelma goes tomorrow for annual shots and all that.

Paul's dental appointment wasn't great - he has to have his teeth cleaned beneath the gum line!!! Dr. Rice recommended an electric tooth brush which he bought. He goes February 1 and February 16. Got to start using my water pic and e-brush again. Sure don't want to have to go through that! Root canals are enough! Our dental plan pays 20% of his procedures. Twice a year cleaning is no charge, included in the $250 annual "insurance" fee.

Aches worked themselves out, but I can feel where I picked Oscar up. Maybe tomorrow if I think I need it I'll try tramodol. May be the best thing in the world and wonder why I waited. Bren said she has taken 3 a day for 15 years!! She has diabetic neuropathy in her feet really bad. This is only one of the meds she takes for that.

Amy made it through the day and I told her to go home and stay out of the wind. Dexter can pout - it won't hurt him not to go to "dog park" a few days. 

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