Friday, January 15, 2016


I uploaded some more Christmas pictures and 20th Century Club pictures and ordered them today. $24.90. 206 photos. No standing in line with feet killing me at Walmart. I think I won't wait and do so many files at once next time though. Gets very confusing

Received my 2015 Clay and Wattles book today! This makes six! I have 4 others printed in 3-ring notebooks. Maybe that's a project for this year - have them all printed and bound. I started it in 2006 just after Teri died. 

Busy day yesterday with book club at 11 and club meeting at 2. In between I went to Charlotte's and looked at some layouts she has for her mother's 90th birthday party on February 27. Villa Mae Ledgewood was there - really sweet and I always enjoy being with her. Helped Charlotte a little bit on computer (picture files). Reached my limit of knowledge, though. Problem seems to be in cyberspace, which I know nothing about.

The book we discussed for January (Father and Son) - everyone agreed it was very realistic, gritty, but of course, Betty McKee, our discussion leader, always has us think of the characters' lives and what makes them act the way they do, and if there is any redemption in them. We agreed Glen was a tortured soul, filled with guilt, anger and abuse from childhood. And we agreed there are people like that. Glen's only solace in the whole book was when he spent time with Brother Roy, his former pastor.  

Need to deliver Whitney's gift from Amy; Mike and Marsha and their grands to them. Paul took David and Sandra's to them; Tommy came by on his motorcycle for his and Carol's yesterday.

Sharpy pain in my right rib/back/side, feels like something pulled or strained. Surely not from being on computer! Still haven't taken the tramadol. I really ached all over last night, but the e-blanket helped. Not just an ache, but it seemed my very skin hurt.

Sweet sight today: Lucy and Thelma in the same chair on the carport; Thelma giving Lucy kitty kisses, grooming. Never thought I'd see the day! I miss Barney, but it has made so much difference - three cats can't play well together, just like three kids (or girls anyway).

Gonna go find some lunch. I'm still thinking it's Saturday... And it's cloudy and has rained and I'm still in my PJs, and Oscar needs to be walked!  And I need a nap. There is a list of things to do waiting for me, but all I want to do is read The Novel Habits of Happiness by Alexander McCall-Smith. 

Just remembered: Last night I dreamed about a closet and it was my War Room.

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