Friday, January 01, 2016

JANUARY 1, 2016

A very quiet day here. Expected Amy today and Matt Sunday, but now Amy's come down with cough, sneezing, so she won't be here probably till next week. I asked if okay to take the tree down and she said of course. So that's on my to-do list for next week.

I re-sorted that fabric and took some heavier poplin type remnants out, also a few large pieces for PC dresses. Got started on printing this blog ( and will only print 1000 pictures - I have 1,250! So I will edit instead of having two volumes.

Cooking white beans, cornbread. Have macaroni; Paul's gone to grocery to get some slaw or some kind of green, raw veggie. Wish I could eat it. (The pantoprazole is working, though - it's just the timing of taking it.)

So 2015's blog will have at least this page on it and I'll probably wait until Christmas with Amy/Matt to upload for printing. Seems odd to have Christmas in January, much less at the start of a chronological book.

So again, Happy New Year! I pray everyone gets well soon and we all stay well!

Now to edit a yearbook...

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