Thursday, December 31, 2015


The last day of 2015.

Our new baby - Paul and I went to see Morgan, Addilyn and family Tuesday. She's a little peach!

I cleaned and sorted in the office today, threw away a bunch of "stuff," and for the most part stayed inside except for going to the mailbox and taking Oscar for a short walk.

I got an order of Kaffe Fassett charm packs. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be. I'm glad I only order the one thing. Some of the others may be prettier; all his designs are pretty abstract and pop color all over.

Protonix - yuck. I don't know - four pills this morning spaced out (not 4 protonix - synthroid, wait 30 minutes, protonix, wait 30 minutes, eat: stomach felt "sore" a lot of today. We may go to Williams Fish House in Burnsville with the Car Club to eat tonight, 6:30. No midnight ramblings for us. 

A man is here buying Paul's old truck he bought in TN, where James and Jeanette live. Lexington? Doesn't sound right and don't want to look it up. 

"So this is Christmas, and what have you done"
Another year older and a new one just begun..."

In March I'll be 68. I can't believe it. Just thankful for each day, and they fly by.

Amy will be home probably tomorrow. Dexter is much better, will get his stitches out in a week. This time last week it was panic time - he had eaten that big pork bone.

Matt had upper respiratory infection and got a z pak for that. Homer Skelton has closed on NYD the 10 years he's been there, but tomorrow will be open. So he won't be off till Sunday. I'm not sure if he's coming or not. After a rough week, being sick and no rest, I wouldn't blame him for staying home. 

Aunt Ginny had her hair done today since her regular Friday the beauty shop will be closed. She got a good report on her echocardiogram this week.  Glenda took her to Memphis. I have to go on the 21st, need to get an order in a few days to have blood drawn for TSH. I sure hope it's gone down some more.

My back hurt most of the night last night and I dreamed I was in labor. Sher said that was a nightmare. She was off early today for NYD, went home cooked a hamburger, glass of champagne, watched rest of KC Honors, late nap. She may have to move this summer as her landlady is probably moving back from the Caribbean or wherever it is in the warm places she lives. So she's already started looking a areas/apartments/amenities/cost. She will have to pay the moving fee this time as it's a relocation, not an "ordered" move.

It's taking them a while to get the truck loaded, and it's cold, and I'm thinking "stay home." It'd be fine with me. Someone around the area will have fireworks. We won't be up to see the ball drop. I would like to finished watching Kennedy Center Honors, though.

Carole King, George Lucas, Rita Moreno, Seiji Ozawa, Cicely Tyson
Carole King, George Lucas, Rita Moreno, Seiji Ozawa, Cicely Tyson

And I'd like to get this off to Blog2Print asap.

Happy New Year!

 In January this year - 2015 - I had five things listed to do
I got them ALL done!


Christmas with Amy will be in January of 2016... Dexter was sick; Matt was sick; Amy was sick. The tree is still up but is coming down next week. 1/3/2016

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