Thursday, August 13, 2015


I may be repeating myself with pictures; if so I'll come back and edit...

About a foot square of a "remnant" that was turned into a work of art by Patti Sandage, our FMQ instructor. Amazing free motion...

From Facebook archives - Brenda and Noonan. Yep, I think this is a repeat because I remember writing about their neighbor Mr. Price driving the bus he rode. I'm old. I repeat myself.

I worked for this lady's mother Mrs. Byrd at the library many years ago. JoAnn, for whom I used to babysit also.

Jordan visited Sher during his birthday week. Hard to believe he's 32!

At Pickwick Lodge Restaurant recently with Young at Heart. 

Tara and her daughter Emmy at the Grand Canyon. Tara posted it had been just a day or so over 26 years since she went with Teri and Richard, and Neall.

Me, cousin Patsy Booker Wilson, Charlotte Vines at lunch a couple of weeks ago.

Later I had ice cream at Cindy and David's "Igloo" in Tishomingo, with Charlotte and Brenda.

Sher recently sent me this picture of Mama at Mill Creek I think. Love this. She was maybe 40. Gosh, our girls are older than that now!

Some of my practice FMQ. At least it makes a good "mug rug."

More practice. The batik is the back and border of Melanie's little project.

Morgan did the paintbrush collage of Mama in her studio, the front bedroom of her trailer. It is just about to fall in. Mike said their (Ben and Heather's) commode fell through the floor not long ago. They're thinking of buying another one. Trailer.

Mama was so talented. She could do anything. She passed on that desire and sometimes achievement to us. Mostly Sher, I think! Though my mind is constantly planning.

A fair day last week. It was "fallish" today with ZERO humidity. A pleasure to be outside and able to breathe!

Wind chimes. I think these were Mama's. 

Some of the "lot" of King Tut thread I got on eBay auction. There were 9 spools, I bed $17.51, plus about $5 shipping. I don't know why I left the other 3 out.

A while back... Barney and one of the few daylilies I had.


Hosta blooms.

Highly unusual for them all to be this close to one another, but getting more common all the time. I think Barney doesn't terrorize Lucy any more; she stands her ground, too.

Love this. It was on Facebook. I especially like it because it reminds me of me and my serious little face when I was about that age.
Paul cut some of the underbrush behind the house. He keeps it so neat outside amongst all those trees. He cut a few little ones on the east side of the driveway, weren't getting much sun and hard to weedeat around every little shoot.

Love the way Jacob's Ladder caught him at this spot.  He stirred up a lot of dust.

Oscar likes to sit or lie in the sun for a while. I've not had to chase him (HA) through the trees lately. I think he knew from the last time it about killed me.

Past Saturday was Frank's 50th class reunion. He and Martha live in Olive Branch and came out to visit. So good to see them. They're both still working and no reason to stop, she said. Always busy with grandkids, play cards with other people, she plays Bunko in 2 groups, and still sews like a pro. We just pick up where we left off last time. 

Love all these pictures. Class of '66 fiftieth coming up next year. Man, where has the time gone??? Seems like only yesterday Paul and I were dating, Frank and Martha married a year and a day before us, and we'd go to their house and play Wahoo. Still have the game board. Once over the years, I took it when we visited and got everyone to sign it. 

I went to Dr. Robertson Tuesday for relief for my leg - he gave me a shot of Torodol and some pills of same name - up to 4 a day no more than 5 days. I took 1 yesterday and it helped! I slept all night with very few leg spasms. I woke several times (no xanax) but went right back to sleep. Today I took half a pill b/c it makes my nose run! It's been better today and so has my leg. Still burns, but not hurting. Just wish I could have had a cortisone injection, but... That's the way it is. Thankful for what I have.

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