Saturday, September 13, 2014


I wish people would stop dropping unwanted animals near our house. This little thing was up a tree over the deck and I finally got him/her down. He lapped up the leftover milk from my cereal bowl and I couldn't stand for him to be hungry, so I fed him, knowing he could not stay here. This was yesterday. This morning, I helped him on with his journey, having fed him and taking a can of food with us, I let him out down the road. He flew off into the woods. I hope he finds a good home. 

Leaves from the walnut trees have been covering the deck for some time. Now they're beginning to turn yellow. It's been a dry August. There was some rain Thursday night.

 Dogwood berries.

Lorapetalum. One of them just completely died and hasn't been cut down yet. They were so puny from last winter, I don't know if they'll survive another one.

Sedum. The mums in the background are ones I won as the door prize at our first club meeting Thursday night.

Paul's constant companion these days. Urology appointment the 23rd. I'm calling next week though (the clinic did with little success in getting a closer appointment), and see if there are any cancellations. Inactivity is about to get him I think. Hurts me to see him not getting to do things he likes to - coffee shop (though I think he'd take his buddy with him), yard mowing (which I won't let him do). He has napped a lot and watched football games.

Pears Tommy gave Aunt Ginny and she in turn shared with us. Someone at his office has them, and we had a few last year.

First 20th Century Club meeting was Thursday night.

Jo (Russell) was hostess. Fredda (McCune), Cindy (Whitfield) and Joy (Kitchens) have sandwiches, chips, fruit.

Sue King Kerby.

Jo - hostess and program - first of the year business items: reading of constitution and by-laws, club projects, donations, etc.

Left to right Sue, Maxine Wade, Cindy, Zenobia Oaks, Jo, Joy, Fredda, receiving new yearbooks. Jo and I worked on them - I edited the copy saved from 2012-14 with tremendous help from Jo who gets all the updates from Clubwoman and other MFWC sources.

Fredda could hardly wait to get her book.

She was either last in the stack or Jo knew how much she wanted it!

At last!

I love all these dear friends. We have a great time together and our little fund helps community efforts with donations and support. We missed Brenda who was out of town at Jim's uncle's funeral; and Ruth Ellen whose photography class met this night, and she lives in Eads, TN.

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Just a note that I was doing a search for Wind in the Willows and your blog was one Google took me to.

It is delightful! I will definitely return. :)