Thursday, February 20, 2014


When I'm so busy I can hardly turn around for having to do something else, I long for days like this! This is what retirement is! The choice - the ability - to sleep till 8:30, have coffee, let Oscar do his business, feed him and the cats and then go back to bed. I've been in pjs all day. I don't have to be anywhere till around 6:00, and will take Aunt Ginny some supper on my way to town. Paul got us pretzel dogs at Sonic for lunch. He's out driving around a bit, just to get outta the house; I'm here, Oscar is asleep for the 3rd or 4th time today; the wind is blowing and we're supposed to have bad weather about the time I need to leave. So we may not have our Sunday School supper tonight after all. 

Tomorrow we have to be in Tupelo at 10:00 for his prostate biopsy. His PSA was high in January; the doctor prescribed antibiotics for 30 days but also scheduled this in-office biopsy. Praying it is inflammation only. It's a long time to have to think about it.

I notice the "yellow gal" bush (forsythia) blooming at the west side of the house this morning! So good to see signs of spring - color! We've had various bulbs sprouting up since before the snow. 

From last year's District III photo contest. We needed a picture for the scrapbook (2013).

All these pages...

Jo and Maxine - organization and page layout.

I do some of cutting, backing, captions.

The second snow of the week.

He and his buddy (not shown) taking their morning walk.

Club meeting. Ruth Ellen on the left, long-time member, drives from Eads, TN almost every month. She moved back to TN after her husband passed away.

Fredda, Zenobia and Bren. Fredda, Bren and I were classmates.

Sue and Vicki.

Maxine and our speaker Maxie South. His mother is helping Aunt Ginny with house work while she's incapacitated with her ankle.

Bren talking to her daughter-in-law Cindy.

Tulips were the doorprize; Jo won them. I was supposed to have the meeting at my house but was kind of overwhelmed there for a bit, so they pitched right in and did it.

Me, Z, and Bren. Zenobia is 94 years young!

Amy sent me roses, chocolate and bath fragrances for Valentine's via ProFlowers. They are still beautiful!

Paul was glad to get out on a warmer day. Trimming trees. I have to watch him closely at times - he likes to use the clippers!

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