Friday, February 21, 2014


Paul's biopsy went fine - easy for me to say. I mean, we were in the doctor's office about an hour total and he said the biopsy procedure itself took about 15 minutes. 

We stopped to get coffee but decided to eat lunch before coming home. Paul wanted to go to IHOP so we did. I had Belgian waffle, scrambled eggs, bacon and he had strawberry/bananas on pancakes. It was a perfectly beautiful day and I drove back. After taking Oscar  out for a walk and getting the mail, I got my grocery list, stopped by Aunt Ginny's (Ilene was there) and then on to town. AG didn't need anything today, said Glenda was going to get her groceries (very few items) tomorrow. 

Paul is tired and maybe has a little chill, he's had the gas heat on Blast a couple of times tonight. Probably from the pain.

Cousin JoAnn texted me a picture of Aunt Margaret at Valentines Day at the nursing home. She's so pretty - I made the scarf for her last time I was at Sher's. Morgan's (niece) birthday is today (2/21) and she had posted this picture of her, Steven and Tyler (great-nephew) a day or so ago - looks like a Valentine banquet - he will be three in July - already looks four! And little Tuesday (great-niece) is eating peas and liking them! Three months old. So fast...  Just occurred to me - There is Aunt Margaret and Morgan is her great-niece with Tyler, her great-great-nephew and Tuesday, her great-great-niece. Generations...

I've taped the new Tonight Show this week, every night, and have watched them. I've enjoyed it - I like Jimmy Fallon - funny, smart, seems genuinely humble and just a good guy. He reminds me of someone I know but I can't think who... I always like Jay Leno, too, but just never got into the habit of watching - on too late. I wanted to just see how Fallon did, and now it's so easy and takes such a short time to see an episode.

Speaking of episodes: Season finale of Downton Abbey this Sunday. I hope we are not left hanging again with Bates's future unresolved! Parenthood returns February 27. 

And finally...

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