Monday, September 09, 2013


We had such a mild summer. I should have known. It was 91 today and scorching hot. It was 88 in Gatlinburg, but I bet they didn't have the humidity we did.

Paul had a follow-up appointment in Tupelo today (from the last year and a half's ago cyst on a kidney, which was just that - a little water balloon). But they're following up. After that, we found the endodentist's office I'm to visit Wednesday.

This was brought on by any number of possible things, but mainly procrastination, neglect and a sense of "oh, not me." I thought I was having pressure from the cpap on my upper teeth - those very ones that went through months of straightening 25 years ago. So after vacation when it had gotten a little better, but then after using the machine a couple of nights, the pain was back. So I went to the dentist. I think I was in shock when she told me I have three cavities, one of which is where she filled it last time, upper left molar, but is deep and nearly to the bone and just below a plate in my palette. There's one in a front tooth, not under the retainer, but one down from it, and one on the other side, same molar. The bad one is on the left side and she said she couldn't do it and therefore, I am to see this root canal specialist.  And he'll be able to tell me if the tooth can even be saved. If not... loss of a tooth.

People - I'm saying - do not delay your dental appointments.  And FLOSS!

The cpap is on hold for now. (By the way, my blood pressure was perfect at the cardio check up this week.) I don't want to get the pain all stirred up. Seems like there's a cream or ointment for everything, and I'm thankful, but by the time I'm ready for bed, I have dabbed this and that till I may have to write a check list.

Another madness I've encountered is that of chiggers. Or "no-see-ums." Whatever they are, they are torturous. They found me in Gatlinburg. They find me here every time I was outside. I've used every chigger medicine they make; Paul has shaken Sevin dust around the carport; I use OFF every time I go out. They do not bother him. At. All.  So I'm just biding my time till the first cool days (below 60 - yes, I know quite a lot about chiggers' living arrangements) and/or the first frost, which the Farmers' Almanac says will be mid-November. I'm sure I can't stay indoors that long and don't want to. I just wish the dag-nab-it invisible things would leave me alone!

There's too much This to do...

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